Sarah Lewandowski
IR Manager

“Being part of an agency versus an in-house IR Manager is both exciting and challenging”

What attracted you to a career at Equitory?

I had followed Equitory for a while and was impressed by its growth trajectory and the range of clients it serves. I hugely enjoyed my previous IR role but, having been there for over five years, I was excited to transfer my experience to a broader group of clients and sectors. Equitory offered a unique opportunity in this respect, enabling its people to gain wider experience whilst being part of a fast-growing company with a very collaborative approach.

What are your first impressions and experiences with the company?

My first impressions are all good! The team is brilliant, everyone is very hands-on and helpful. It is a fast- paced environment where you learn quickly, but there are lots of processes in place and people on hand to help. Being part of such a fast-growing business feels exciting.

What was the largest obstacle you faced during your onboarding?

It’s proving quite a challenge getting to grips with all the technology and systems. I’m a bit of a luddite and have never used a Mac before!

How are you finding working in an agency versus being in-house?

Being part of an agency versus an in-house IR manager is both exciting and challenging. In investor relations, it’s necessary to know as much as you can about a company, its financials and operations. This is tricky anyway when starting at a new company but working across numerous clients adds another layer to this challenge. But there is a huge amount of experience across the team covering numerous sectors and companies, so it is an excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge and use it for a variety of clients.

What are your favourite things to do outside of work?

Outside of work I’d like to be able to say I’m quite sporty, but in reality, I use running and working out more as a good chance to catch up with friends too. My two children keep me very busy running around them and keeping up with their active social lives!
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