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Stuart Morgan – The Importance of Building Relationships

With us in conversation today, we have Stuart Morgan, Director of Investor Relations at Capita. During today’s conversation, we pick his brain to learn about the ins and outs of his career journey to date, and what has kept his interest in the field of Investor Relations. The skills of an IR are a unique combination, and Stuart shares what he is most proud of having achieved in the industry. We touch on board relationships, and why it’s never enough just to crunch the numbers. You’ll hear his thoughts on whether the hybrid or digital model is sufficient for building relationships, and how he is prioritising staying on top of trends in the absence of in-person conferences and events. Stuart shares his thoughts on ESG and how sustainability should have been part of the conversation long before this was implemented, and he tells us why curiosity and goal-setting are essential to a career in IR. Along with his comprehensive and insightful answers, Stuart asks us some pertinent questions! Tune in to hear more today.

Stuart Morgan
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Stuart Morgan - The Importance of Building Relationships