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Clara Melia
CEO and Founder

London Stock Exchange 2024 Investor Relations Report

In association with Equitory, London Stock Exchange releases their latest industry insights in the Investor Relations, Evolving Strategies for 2024 Report.

The strategic importance of IR continues to grow and has increased (to 77%) this year. Nearly one-third (31%) said that IR was significantly more important over the past year. This was particularly the case for smaller organisations, where 37% said its importance had significantly increased, compared to 24% in the previous year.

Key Findings

  • Strategic Importance: 77% of professionals noted an increase in the strategic role of investor relations over the past year, highlighting its growing impact
  • Budget Trends: 50% report increased budgets, with significant rises noted among US-based organizations

  • Economic Impact: 55% believe economic conditions will continue to have a significant impact in 2024

  • Technology Adoption: 29% have embraced new technologies to boost engagement
  • Environmental Commitments: Over half of the respondents are now aiming for net-zero

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